Pixar Putt at Battery Park NYC

Are you a New York City area local who’s looking for a little magic? Specifically Pixar themed magic? Well, Pixar Putt is the place to check out! Located at Battery Park (quite close to the Seaglass carousel and the Statue of Liberty lookout), this popup experience is perfect for anyone looking for a cute experience or some Pixar-themed fun.

My mini-golf skills leave a lot to be desired, but I still had such a blast! I dressed up with a Forky Disneybound and grabbed my Rex Loungefly, which definitely enhanced my experience. I will admit that some of the holes were much harder than others (I’m looking at you, Lightning McQueen), and others were simple once you figured it out (yes, I did the Inside Out hole backwards… funny, isn’t it?), but all of the decor was so cute and some of it was even interactive!

One of the best parts of the course is how all of the holes can turn into fun photo spots. Some of my favorites were the claw machine at one of the Toy Story holes, the cutting board at the Ratatouille hole, and the entire Up hole. There were also so many cute little details at all of the holes, like the birds at the Finding Nemo hole and the marigold bridge at the Coco hole. With music from all of your favorite Pixar movies playing in the background, you’re sure to have the biggest smile in all of your captured moments.

The day I went wasn’t crowded at all, and the partially cloudy weather was perfect for the occasion. The experience is located between the Freedom Tower and Hudson River, the surrounding area views are gorgeous. It makes for the perfect afternoon in the city!

If you want to pay a trip to Pixar Putt, tickets are available online only through October 31st. If you’re not local to New York City, this is a traveling pop up and might be coming to you soon!

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