Shop Spotlight: Kirstle’s Krafts

Not too long ago, one of my favorite creators, commonly known by Kirstles, started her own magically-inspired jewelry shop after her company, Thomas Cook, shut down. She bought some beads to occupy her time, and soon enough, it became much more than a hobby. Now, Kirstle’s Krafts sells bracelets, earrings, hair ties, and bows, all of which have the perfect touch of pixie dust. 

I had originally discovered Kirsty through her fun Disney vlogs on YouTube channel, and had followed her on Instagram to see even more of her magical content. She was always so sweet and genuine, and her content always brightened my feed. When I discovered she would be opening her own shop, I was so excited for her and knew she would do an absolutely amazing job! I’m also so excited to announce that I am a rep for Kirstle’s Krafts! 

I recently received some magic mail from Kirsty, and I fell in love with everything immediately. I was sent two bracelets and two sets of hair ties and they’re all so perfect! I couldn’t help but put them on immediately. They all sparkle beautifully (which I absolutely love), and they go with so much! I will definitely be wearing the bracelets and the hair ties all the time, as they’re such a perfect touch of Disney magic at home and at school. 

If you’d like to get your own items from Kirstle’s Krafts, be sure to visit her shop here and use code TONI10 for 10% your purchase of £15 or more! Kirsty not only carries adorable and magical items, but also seasonal collections that are perfect for the upcoming holidays!

See ya real soon,

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