What’s in my College Backpack: Fall 2020 Semester

Back to school is finally here! Today is my second day of school, and it is quite different than anything I’m used to. About half of my classes are in-person/hybrid, and the other half are online only. I’m using my Vera Bradley x Disney campus backpack from last year, but the contents inside are quite different.

MacBook Pro

The most important item in my backpack is definitely my MacBook! During my freshman year, most of my professors preferred we use traditional pen and paper. However, now that everything is a mix of online and in-person, I’ll be using my laptop to take all my notes and complete all my assignments. Plus, I’ll often use the Reminders or Notes app (which syncs to my iPhone) to keep track of items I need to complete outside of class.

Picnic Blanket

While it may seem like an odd item, my picnic blanket is one of the best items for the semester. There aren’t many indoor relaxation and working zones for commuters like me anymore, and I can’t visit my friends’ dorms like I used to, so I will definitely be spending a lot of time outdoors and on the quad. Plus, some of my classes are even being held outdoors! A travel-friendly picnic blanket is perfect for keeping neat and setting up my little outdoor work space when I will be on campus, and preventing any big messes when I eat meals.

Single Subject Notebook & 5-Subject Folder

I may be using online notes and all-digital organization, but I do like to have important documents and other references next to me as I’m typing. I also like to have my syllabus printed out for each class so I can easily keep track of the course schedule.

Plan the Magic Planner & Colorful Pens

Like my important references, I also love having a paper planner! I got one last year from Plan the Magic by the Magical Miranda, and I love the Disney-inspired artwork and setup. I also love to use my colorful pens for organization, so I have them all packed in an old cosmetic bag.

Blue Light Glasses

Since I’ll be working primarily off my laptop, I’ll be wearing my blue light glasses from Quay Australia a lot to prevent headaches and feeling tired. You can read more about my experience with blue light filtering glasses here.

Small Cosmetic Bag & Chargers

Since I’m a commuter, I have to carry everything I need with me. I have a small pouch of band aids, hand sanitizer, hair ties, and other small cosmetic or emergency items. I also have charging cables and backup batteries for my phone and laptop.


My Vera Bradley x Disney lanyard is an essential for school! I keep my school ID with other small items in the ID pouch, and I’ll also be attaching my mask and hand sanitizer to ensure that all my essential items are easily accessible.

I unfortunately won’t be on campus everyday, but my backpack is perfectly packed for when I will be at school! I’m excited to start this semester and see what the future holds.

See ya real soon,

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