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  • Fun with the Sun(care)

    Summer is almost here! With warmer weather and more daylight comes more time outside in the sun, and more of a need for sun protection. Finding the right sunscreen can be difficult, especially with so many options out there. The choices get even more difficult when you have sensitive skin or are prone to breakouts like I am. I’ve tried a ton of suncare products for face and body, so…

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  • January 2024 Skincare Favorites

    The cold, dry winter weather always makes a good skincare routine a little trickier, especially when trying to keep your skin hydrated. I’ve recently been working on overhauling my skincare regiment to phase out using more aggressive products that were starting to do a little…

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  • 21

    My 21st birthday was earlier this month. I typically post every year on (or close) to my birthday, but between my celebratory trip, my discounted Broadway tickets, and work, I fell behind a little bit (coincidentally, about 21 days). I did, however, still want to…

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